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8 Wille Cottages

My house is part of Lewes Eco Open Houses - do check the website at intervals for the next opening dates.

Here are some FAQ sheets relating to efforts which I've made to make my house more comfortable/ warm while reducing energy use. Feel free to download any of them (though do let me know if you use the photos in published material). And before visiting my house please do watch my **NEW VIDEO** about magnetic-strip secondary glazing.

LED lightbulbs
Here is a beginner's guide to buying LED lightbulbs.
LED lighting, replacing old-style bulbs, will immediately start saving you a lot of money and will carry on saving you a lot of money every year. You probably spend 10-15/ year in electricity running a single old-style (halogen) bulb for a few hours a day, and the bulb needs replacing every couple of years. An LED equivalent costs only 1/year to run, and the bulb can last for 20 years. Worth spending another pound or so on the bulb!

Magnetic strip secondary glazing
Here is a note, plus photos, about the very handy magnetic strip secondary glazing which I have on my windows. I've also in 2015 made a short video, in which I and a colleague tell you about its advantages and show you how it's installed; please do watch it!
Magnetic strip secondary glazing is inexpensive and easy to do; it's unobtrusive (good for conservation zones) and very long-lasting; it does the same job as expensive secondary glazing systems. I achieved fame in 2014 in a piece in the Sunday Telegraph, talking about this very useful energy-saving measure: Sunday Telegraph 2 Feb 2014 piece.
Lithium storage batteries
I've recently installed lithium storage batteries so that I can use even more of the electricity generated by my solar PV panels; see this info sheet for details.

House info sheets
~ The latest info sheet about my house, which I put together for Open House events
~ A simple self-guide floorplan of the features of my house, to print and bring along to open days - we get quite busy sometimes so this will help you!

Solar panels

July 2017