8 Wille Cottages and energy-saving

8 Wille Cottages

Hello. On this website are some FAQ sheets relating to efforts which I've made to make my house more comfortable/ warm while reducing energy use, and a page on eco cleaning. Feel free to download any of them (though do credit me if you use the photos in published material). And before visiting my house on any open house events please do watch my **VIDEO** about magnetic-strip secondary glazing, which to my pride has now attracted more than 180,000 hits and several hundred comments and queries.

Eco pieces

Meanwhile, you might like to read a few eco pieces which I've written or collaborated on for Transition Town Lewes:

Eco cleaning: a 2016 collaborative piece (original TTL website link Detoxing your household for spring)

Fatbergs and wetwipes: an understandable rant by an eco-colleague in 2016, on which I collaborated, about the terrible stuff that we put down our drains (original TTL website link Fatbergs)

Talking rubbish: stemming from a tour of the Brighton materials recycling facility at Hollingdean in 2017, a description (partly now superseded) of the recycling measures in place at three local Councils (original TTL website link Recycling by councils)